A realistic plan for busy entrepreneurs.

Proven Workflow Hacks is the only program of its kind that will show you exactly how to simplify and streamline your day-to-day tasks so you have more free time for the things you love.

By the end of this program, you'll have:

  •  A solid stream of prequalified leads who are primed and ready to buy what you're selling
  •  More free time to actually spend with your family and friends (or chilling in your arm chair lost in a good book)
  •  Your sanity back because you won't be wasting time trying to get more done than is humanly possible (and a solid system that will actually stick)
  •  Passive income funnels that will literally make you money around the clock (while you're on vacation, out with the fam, or fast asleep)
  •  A proven yet simple system to make your to-do list manageable and get it done in a fraction of the time (even if you tend to bite off more than you can chew)


  •  Copy + paste Trello boards to keep you organized
  •  Tutorial videos to simplify the tech side of things
  •  Cheat sheets to help you set everything up

But, most importantly, Proven Workflow Hacks will give you the peace of mind to live life on your own terms (not tied down to your to-do list).

Brianna's teaching style is amazing! Very simple to understand and she really doesn't leave anything out!

Heather Drewett, Current Student

When you enroll, you’ll get immediate access to:

Proven Workflow Hacks

(A $432 Value)

  • 6 Implementation Modules showing you absolutely everything you need to know to simplify your workflow so you can get more done in less time.
  • A complete, step-by-step guide on how to free up hours of time over the course of the week, giving you your evenings and weekends back!
  • 14 Tech Tutorials that walk you through everything you need to know to create a fully automated passive income funnel that will make you money around the clock.


  • Blog Post Checklist ($47 Value)
  • Challenge Planning Worksheet ($47 Value)
  • Effortless Selling Cheat Sheet ($47 Value)
  • Copy + Paste Feedback Forms ($47 Value)
  • Business Organization Google Sheet ($47 Value)  

When you add it all up, that's a real-world value of $667.

But, because I'm so excited to invite you into Proven Workflow Hacks, I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY for only...

Proven Workflow Hacks

Full Course + Bonus Tools 



Absolutely brilliant. This is a 'must-do' for anyone wanting to start their own business. 

Danni Mordecai, Current Student

Plus You're Backed by a 14-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Look, I get that it can be a little scary enrolling in an online course. Especially if you've never taken a course with me before.

I know that this course will give you everything you need to carve out space for the things that you absolutely love. And I have a lot of students here to tell you that I only create the highest quality content.

But you don't have to take our word for it.

You have 2 full weeks after you enroll to decide whether the course is for you or not.

During that time, you'll have a chance to check out the videos and test out the tools that will help you find the time in your busy schedule to get it done.

And if you don't think it's for you, just let me know before the two weeks are up, and I'll give you a full refund.

I stand behind my products and my promises but understand that I may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


I really loved the course! You’ve given me every tool I could have hoped for and many I didn’t expect. 10+ Stars!!!

Sarah Thomas, Parfaite

What's Included in Proven Workflow Hacks

Module 1 — Systems, Workflow, Project Management ($47 Value)

This goes way beyond filling in your planner. I'll show you one simple way to structure your day, and it will have an unbelievable impact on your overall productivity.

Module 2 — The Entrepreneur's Wheel of Efficiency ($47 Value)

Stop spreading yourself too thin and wasting time in the process. Learn the exact formula I use to systemetize my entire business, freeing up loads of time in the process.

Module 3 — Content Creation Hacks ($47 Value)

With the right content creation system, you won't need to constantly hustle to get everything done. Instead, you'll stay on track with these incredibly simple tips.

Module 4 — Grow Your Traffic, Leads, and Sales On Autopilot ($47 Value)

Learn how to effortlessly master Google and Pinterest, to turn your leads into raving fans, and to make money while you sleep with this dream funnel.

Module 5 — Building the Perfect Funnel ($47 Value)

Want to know the secret to passive income? The perfect funnel. I pull back the curtains on my own money-making funnels, giving you the exact framework to replicate it, turning your leads into raving fans.

Module 6 — Tutorials, Trainings, and More ($197 Value)

Curious how a professional organizer stays organized? Frustrated by tech? I'm pulling back the curtain on my own business and giving you the exact tools I use to stay organized PLUS in-depth tutorials on how to use them.

Brianna Berner | SpikedParenting

Meet Brianna

Brianna Berner is a productivity life coach and professional organizer who empowers busy moms to dream big and then find the time to make those dreams a reality because she believes every woman has the power to shatter the glass ceilings holding her back and build a life she loves.  

In her courses, she walks you through how to get more done in less time (even with kids on the loose), how to stay ridiculously organized (even with kids tearing your house apart), and the mindset hacks that all #motherhustlers need to adopt to handle everything life throws your way (tantrums included).

If you're having trouble setting up processes to actually save time and get more done, this content is perfect for you. Workflows always sounded so attractive and efficient to me and I spent tons of my time trying to create perfect flows out of thin air. This course led me through step by step what considerations really mattered when deciding and setting up workflows and content creation.

Alex Noon, Current Student

The Answers to All Your Burning Questions

Girl, I'm crazy busy. How am I supposed to find the time to actually work through this course?

I feel ya. #MomLife's no joke. And I want to make your life easier, not more difficult.  

Which is why I broke the course down into bite-size sound bites — each video is less than 5 minutes long.  

This means you can listen while you’re running to the grocery store, powering through some cardio, or grabbing some popcorn to binge through it Netflix style.

Who is the best fit for this program?  

There are 3 types of people who benefit the most from this program:  

✔ Work-at-Home Moms who are hustling to get everything done during the day so it doesn't bleed into their evening.

✔ Stay-at-Home Moms who never have time to get everything done because they have kids hanging on them every minute of every day. I feel ya, mama. Been there - done that.  

✔ Working Moms who are gone for most of the day and try to squeeze more than is humanly possible into their evenings.  

This course will give MASSIVE RELIEF to all of these scenarios.

What happens if I fall behind?  

You have lifetime access to this material, meaning you can work through the material at your own pace on your own time.  

And you can come back to it whenever you need to brush up on any areas.

There’s so much cruddy information out there — how do I know this is worth the time and money?  

I hate that gross, spammy internet marketing stuff as much as you do.  

This course is created from years of study and my own knowledge and first-hand experience as a professional organizer.

Isn’t all this information already out there for free?  

Yes, you can find some of this information on my website, in my different interviews, through my email newsletter, and in all the stuff I offer up for free. 

But not everything I include in this course is available there.  

And while you might be able to piece together a lot of it to give you a pretty good idea of what you need to do, it would take you a lot of time to put it all together, read through it, and then organize it all.  

Or, you could just spend the $97 and have a completely customized program that you can start implementing right now.

I'm so glad I took this course. I've learned so many helpful things. I can't even decide which one is my favorite. I think the most helpful and mind blowing thing I learned is all about the Wheel of Efficiency. This course is a must take for any one with a desire to turn their blog into a business. Now that I've taken this course I don't have to question if I'm setting up my sales funnel the right way.

Danielle M, Sweet Tea Bliss

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