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Feel energized, unstoppable, and in control by overcoming the mama guilt, limiting beliefs, and overwhelm slowing you down.

What we dwell on is who we become.

- Oprah Winfrey -

Are you ready to build a life you absolutely love?

Wouldn't it feel great if you could spend more time on the things you're really passionate about?

Those things that fill you with joy. Those things that you were put on this earth to do.

Well I have great news. You totally can.

It's time to step into your power.

As women, it's in our nature to take care of everyone around us.

We push your own needs aside because they're not as important.

But when we do this, we're subconsciously telling ourselves that we don't deserve that extra attention. That we're not good enough for it. That everyone else deserves it more than us.

After a lifetime of telling ourselves this, it's no surprise that we play small. That we don't take as many risks. That we doubt ourselves every step of the way.

It's a learned behavior that we've all adopted to some degree.

But this also means that we're able to unlearn it.

We can stop playing small, step into our power, and start allowing our passions into our lives.

#motherhustler Mindset | SpikedParenting | Brianna Berner

It's time to break free from everything holding you back.

#motherhustler Mindset | SpikedParenting | Brianna Berner

To overcome the limiting beliefs that've been slowing you down, you need to cultivate a growth mindset.

You need to embrace the idea that change is possible. And deep down you have to want to make that change.

80% of what you do is mindset and only 20% is logistics.

You need to believe that you can do it and commit to the work it will take to get it done.

Then you need to do some inner work to get to the root of things. To understand how you react to different things and why and then change the narrative inside of yourself.

This is how you break free and start living a fulfilling, joyful, and meaningful life.

It's time to fulfill your life's purpose.

To be truly happy, you need to know the direction you want your life to go.

You need to know your purpose.

You need to know your passions.

You need to know what genuinely makes you happy.

Once you've discovered what you were put on this earth to do and have overcome the limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your true potential, the sky really is the limit.

You can do anything you set your mind to. You have the power to make your wildest dreams come true.

#motherhustler Mindset | SpikedParenting | Brianna Berner

Introducing #motherhustler Mindset 

Overcome the mama guilt, limiting beliefs, and overwhelm slowing you down.

Fulfill Your Life's Purpose Discover your passions, motivations, and what you were put on this earth to do and then do it.

Cultivate a Growth Mindset Create a mindset that allows for continuous self-improvement and make your life better instantaneously.

Take Control of Your Life Take responsibility for your life and what happens in it by shifting your locus of control internally.

Meditation + Journaling Exercises Complete meditation and journaling exercises to help you uncover your limiting beliefs and overcome your personal mindset blocks.

Attract Happiness in Your Life Learn how to refocus your energy and attract the different things you want in your life.

Overcome Mindset Blocks Explore common mindset blocks, where they stem from, and how to overcome them once and for all.

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If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

- Maya Angelou -

Brianna Berner | Productivity Life Coach + Professional Organizer

About Your Teacher

Hey there! I'm Brianna Berner, and I'm a productivity life coach and professional organizer.  

I empower boss moms to dream big and then find the time to make those dreams a reality because I believe every woman has the ability to shatter the glass ceilings holding her back and build a life that makes her soul smile.  

I’m an extremely multi-passionate person hell-bent on changing the status quo and the narrative for mamas everywhere. I’m tired of women feeling like they have to choose between their career and their family because it’s entirely possible to have both.  

It's my mission to help you find the balance that works for you so that you can be a killer entrepeneur and a badass mama at the same time.  

I truly believe you have the power to move mountains, mama, so let's get to work!

Reviews from Our Community 

“I got this course because I was sick of feeling like a hot mess mom. I would recommend this course to everyone that wants to take control of not only your time but your life as well.”

Betsy Sieck, baker & business owner

“I felt my life was spinning out of control and it was jeopardizing my health. Now I know the main reason why. Thank you, Brianna, for creating this one-of-a-kind customized course that has helped me make my life amazing again, step by step and module by module."

- Sheri Sankner, teacher & writer

“Your material is the most helpful, down-to-the-point and comprehensive material relevant for my personal productivity that I have ever seen!”

- Anne-Laure S, student

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